How to schedule a GroopLive online event

A scheduled GroopLive event is created in the 'Events' area of the software.

  1. To schedule a GroopLive event you will first need to be in the 'Events' section of the software. To find out more about standard events click hereScreenshot 2020-04-09 at 16.35.58 copy
  2. Click Create event
  3. Once at the events page you can input the relevant information for your event
  4. To run an online event, turn on the 'GroopLive Online Event' slider.
  5. Once this slider has been enabled, invite the users you wish to participate. You must invite yourself, only recipients of an event invitation can join a GroopLive event
  6. Your scheduled event will be visible on the events overview page
    To find out more information about how to join a GroopLive Online Event click here
    To find out more about GroopLive click here