Events - Explained

Create, manage and report on your groups activities.

  1. You can create new events when in the Events section of the navigation bar.
  2. Here you will see and overview of all your activities, sessions and events that have been created.
  3. You can also Edit, Delete, Clone, Download and Repeat your events that have been created.
  4. You can filter this list via Show filters, add additional Columns, Sort by and report out on this by clicking Export CSV.

Creating an Event

  1. To create an event click Create Event
  2. Here you can add your event details and any labels you might want to associate with the event. To find out more about Labels Click Here.
  3. At the top of the page you will find a number of different tabs that you can go into.
  4. The plan tab enables you to select a date and put in a description of the event plan, here you can also add the users that planned the event, activity or session.
  5. The Invited tab allows you to select the users that you want to invite to the event and this can be filtered down by clicking Show Filters
  6. The Evaluated tab is similar to the Plan tab here you can evaluate the event that has happened and select who it was that evaluated the session, activity or event.
  7. Depending on if you have created any customisable fields for events these will appear in an addition tab called Custom Fields.
  8. Once you're happy with the content you can then click