GroopPay Admin - Explained

Here you can collect and manage payments and subscriptions within your groop or organisation.

  1. When in GroopPay Admin you will see an overview of all your invoices.
  2. You can filter this list via Show Filters and can also run reports by clicking Export CSV
  3. To create an invoice click Create
  4. Here you can choose the type of invoice you wish to create. Add in your invoice information, the Amount and Reference, Reoccurrence.
  5. You can then add the recipients you wish to send the invoice too and can filter this list via Show Filters.
  6. You can also associate Labels with your invoice and to find out more about Labels Click Here
  7. You can also add a message to your invoice.
  8. Finally you can Save the invoice or Send it straight away.

How do I see a users GroopPay History

You can now view a users individual Groop Pay history making it easy to track payments.

  1. Firstly go to the People Section
  2. Click on the user you wish to view their Payment History and select Edit.
  3. You now have a new tab called GroopPay History when in the users profile.
  4. Click on the tab to open that users payment history.