How do I invite a person onto the platform?

Inviting users to the platform gives them access limited by their role.

  1. The first way on inviting a person onto the platform is through the people section.When here, head to thebutton.
  2. All users require a role. This is selected by the drop down menu within the personal details section.  The default role is Member but any role can be selected and a user can have multiple roles.
  3. The selected role defines what the user has access to after logging in. For more information on roles Click Here
  4. The users email address is the only required field when creating an invite, but any other field can be populated.
  5. Once you're happy with all of the data you have put against the person scroll to the bottom of the page.
  6. From here you will then need to invite the user on creation.
  7. You will need to move the slider from to .
  8. Once you have done this and hit the Create User button, this will send them an email invitation. The user can follow the link to generate a password, agree to terms and conditions and select GDPR preferences. 


  1. You can also invite users that have been created but not invited through the people database.
  2. Select your Not Active user.
  3. You can click onto that user and will see a menu pop up that gives you the option to invite them onto the platform
  4. Select the option.
  5. You will then have the following screen pop up
  6. Hitting the button will then allow the user to login to the platform.
  7. Once the invite has been sent you are able to see that the State has now change to show you which users have been 'Invited'