Roles - Explained

Each user is given a Role which controls what they have access to on the platform

When adding a user to you Groop, they have a Role assigned to them. 

Groop has 2 preset roles - 

  1. Admin - Full access to all areas (This role cannot be edited)
  2. User - Can only access My GroopChat, My GroopPay, My Events, My Dependants


* Only users with the Admin role can create/edit roles

* Only users with the new "Assign Role" permission can change a user's roles

* Only users with the Admin role can assign the Admin role to other users

* You cannot change your own role

If the user is invited to login, what they see or have access to is controlled by their Role. 

Additional Roles can also be created. e.g. Create a new role titled 'Volunteer'. This Role is described as a 'part time, unpaid helper' with permissions to create and edit communications, create and remove posts, edit user details and view the resources area.

To learn how to assign a Role to a User please click here