How do I create a new Interaction/Note?

Interactions/Notes enable you to add user stamped and date stamped information against people records

Once an Interaction/Note has been created, it cannot be Edited or Deleted

  1. To create a new Interaction/Note navigate to the People section.
  2. Select a user you wish to add the Interaction/Note and select Edit
  3. Once in the users profile you can now select the Interaction/Note Tab
  4. Click Add New Interaction/Note  
  5. A popup will appear for you to fill in the relevant information
  6. You can record the type of contact ie. call or meeting along with a flag to mark certain notes  
    1. Type of Contacts -
      1. Call
      2. Email
      3. Meeting
      4. Message
      5. Other
      6. Referral
    2. Flags -
      1. Concern
      2. Incident
      3. Safeguarding
    3. Labels are defined by an Admin and allow you to adapt each Interactions/Notes to be marked with specific criteria defined by your group. For more information on labels - click here
    4. Confidential On/Off
    5. Confidential Notes are highlighted red.

Only users with the correct permission can see Confidential Interaction/Notes. These will stay hidden if a user does not have these permissions.

Once created, the Interaction/Note will appear the user record

Notes can be filtered within a persons record by any of the above information using "Show filters" eg - 

    1. Notes marked as Call in Type of Contact
    2. Notes created by Tim
    3. Where the note contains specific text 

Only Roles with appropriate privileges can create or view notes for more information on Roles Click Here