Why am I not Receiving Emails from Groop?

You can add your Contacts and other correspondents to your email providers Safe Senders list to confirm you'll always receive messages in your inbox.

There are a number of different ways you will receive Email Correspondents from Groop. These could be in the form of an Invite onto the Groop System, Password Resets, group emails from admins and staff and also email notifications.

If you are not receiving Invites or Password Resets please firstly check your Junk and Spam folders incase they happen to be in these.

If they are not in these folders the next step is to look at your email providers 'Safe Sender Lists' this way you are able to add Groop to this and will allow the Groop emails to then reach your email inbox.

Please find a link for this here on steps on how to do this. Depending on the Email Provider you are with this will differ slightly. 


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