Email - Explained

The Groop platform allows you to communicate in many ways with your users. One of which is through the Email area of the platform.

  1. You can see an overview of all the emails you have sent on the main Email page
  2. To create a new email simply go to
  3. You can now create your email with the Subject and Content. The reply email will be the email of your Groop account. You can change this by replacing it with an alternate address.
  4. Once you're happy with the information that you have entered you can filter the users and select the recipients by moving the slider from to
  5. You can save your email to send at a later date via the if required
  6. Once you're happy you can send the email
  7. When back in the main Communication page you can also View sent emails, Clone emails and also Delete any that are no longer needed.

Users who have "NO" selected in their email communication preferences cannot be selected as a recipient.