Resources - Explained

The resources section of the Groop Platform allows you to Securely store important documents, Access the Groop governance library and templates.

  1. You can upload files within the Resources area of the Groop platform. To find out more about how to upload files Click Here.
  2. To access Groops library of quality assured materials click Groop Library.
  3. Here you can see and access all of the policy's and procedures
  4. Inside here you can then choose from a number of the different Groop Policy's
  5. After you have chosen the policy or document you wish to edit you can then View or Download it.
  6. Once you have then edited the necessary information you can upload the document back into your documents. 
  7. If you're apart of a hierarchy you will see an additional folder called Documents for my Groops
  8. This folder enables the overarching organisation to add files and policies to this folder which are then inherited by the sub-groops beneath it. This means that you only have to share a document once, in once place and all your sub-groups will receive this.