Getting Started Guide

How to get started.



Add all of your volunteers, beneficiary’s, coaches, members to the Groop database. If you already have an existing database or spreadsheet of users you want to import into the system via CSV.

For more information about People - click here.


The GroopChat feature allows you to communicate with the people in your group or organisation. Here you can post, like, share and comment.

For more information about GroopChat - click here.


Another way is though our built in email that can be found in the communications section.

For more information about communications - click here


Here you can create and run, sessions, activities, projects, meetings by simply clicking create event, here I can now input all of the relevant information, invite people to it and also send out invoices and also take advantage of Groops newest feature Groop Live.

For more information about Events - click here


The GroopPay Admin enables you to send subscriptions and invoices, these can be sent to your members and other beneficiaries.

For more information about GroopPay - click here


Groops resources section is where you can setup your own resource base so that you can securely store important documents eg.  example policies, photos and videos, groups resources section supports it all.

For more information about Resources - click here

For more help and to view our knowledge base please head up to the right hand corner of Groop and select the "Help" button, here you can log a ticket to the support team and also visit our knowledge base for lots more helpful videos and articles.