My GroopChat - Explained

My GroopChat allows you to communicate with all your users within your independent group and down through your hierarchy.


  1. To post to the My GroopChat feed simply add your content to the open text field
  2. To add a picture or document to your post click the
  3. When you're happy with your content you can then
  4. You can then comment and like posts via the options.
  5. To send a message privately to an individual or a group of users you can go to the Send Privately drop down. (This is an option only available to certain roles)
  6. Here you can search for a user via Email, Name or Label
  7. Once you have chosen who you want to send your private message too they will appear like this
  8.  In the My GroopChat feed a private post will appear like this
  9. By hovering over the as an administrator or user within the private chat this will show you a list of the users within the private chat
  10. You can also post to Sub-Groups, My GroopChat feeds via the drop down and then selecting the sub-groups feed you wish to post on. (This is an option only available to certain roles)