How do I mark Invoices as paid and by what means?

Marking invoices enables you to keep on top of who has paid and who hasn't and by what means. The steps below will walk you though how to do this.

  1. Once logged into the Groop Software you will need to go to the GroopPay Admin area of the software.  
  2. Here you will can see all of the invoices that have been sent/processed. To see further information regarding an invoice click the one you want to view in more detail and select 'View'
  3. This give you further details of the invoice and who it was sent to and if the user has paid and by what means
  4. To manually mark an invoice that a user has paid and by what means simply click the user you wish to change and select 'View/ Edit State'
  5. Here you can select the way that the user paid for the invoice by a number of different options and any notes that need to go along side this. 
  6. Once the users have been assigned a state of payment you will be able to see the overview of this in the Invoice its self enabling you to see the method of payment and when it was paid.